About the ticket sales


When will the program be announced and can I buy tickets?

July 17th our program will be announced. That’s also the date ticket sales start. Keep an eye on our social media and website to stay updated!

Online ticketsales

When you buy your tickets online, they are meant to be used on the specific day you selected. So you can not visit another film on another date with your online ticket. When you’ve purchased an online ticket of the ten-ride pass, you can swap it for a hardcopy stamp card. This stamp card can be used ten times from the 7th until the 25th of August 2019.

With an e-ticket, you don’t have to stay in line at the box office at the festival site. Use your e-ticket to enter the festival via the fast lane. You can buy e-tickets until the start of the film.

Ticketsales at the boxoffice

The tickets at the box office on the festival site are without a date. You can use those tickets on each day you’d like to visit Pleinbioscoop. It’s possible to pay with card at the box office.

Ticket prices for Pleinbioscoop 2019

  • Regular: €6 (including transaction costs)
  • Support-Pleinbioscoop-rate (when you want to show us some extra love): €8
  • Discount rate for employees Erasmus MC and Oogziekenhuis (by showing your pass): €5
  • Cineville: €0
  • Ten-ride pass: €40. Swap your e-ticket for the ten-ride pass for a hardcopy version the first time you visit the festival. You can use the ten-ride pass with a maximum of two persons per night.

Note: above information does not apply on screenings at other locations, except for the regular programming at Museumpark.

Pleinbioscoop with Cineville

Visitors with a Cinevillepass can pass by the box offices on the night they want to visit Pleinbioscoop to pick up their ticket. Rather make an online reservation? Visitors with a Cinevillepass can get their ticket online by paying €1. Your online ticket will be placed on your card and will be checked when you enter the festival site.
Pay attention: A ticket bought with Cineville does not include the rent of a seat. Cineville is not valid at screenings at different locations.

Other questions


Can I volunteer at Pleinbioscoop?

So kind you want to help us out! You can fill in the form here so that our volunteer coordinator can contact you.

At what time Pleinbioscoop opens?

The doors are open at 20h. You can drop by for a drink or a bite, and find the perfect spot for watching the film. We provide a side program and short films on several days before the main film starts.

At what time does the film start?

The start of the film differs per day. This has to do with the time the sun goes down, so that its dark enough to start the screening. Check the program page of each film for current times. Our tip: be on time, to avoid waitinglines.

Will Pleinbioscoop screen films when it rains?

We always screen films, also when it rains. We only cancel when we are dealing with a dangerous situation because of heavy weather. If this is the case, we announce the cancellation as soon as possible on our social media channels and website.

Are my tickets refundable when the wheater is bad?

When the film is not being cancelled, Pleinbioscoop doesn’t give refunds. When the film is cancelled because of heavy weather, tickets will be refunded. Visitors who bought an online ticket will receive an email with a form to refund their ticket. People with hardcopy tickets can also fill in the form, that will appear on the website when the screening is cancelled.

Can a screening at Pleinbioscoop be sold out?

The site on which Pleinbioscoop takes place is large and fits a lot of visitors, so the film hardly gets sold out. Buy your ticket online if you want to make sure you can enter the festival site.

Note: above information doesn’t apply for the program for kids. Here we have limited capacity and we strongly recommend to book make a reservation online.

Help! I got a ticket for a film at Pleinbioscoop but prefer visiting another night. What to do?

When you got your ticket at the box offices, there won’t be data on it your ticket. This means you can visit any film at any day you’d like. Did you buy your ticket online? Send us an email at least five days before the day of the specific screening so that we can change your ticket.

Can I scan my ticket with my smartphone?

Yes! Make sure to put the brightness of your smartphone at its highest. Hold your smartphone tight during the scanning of your phone or put it on the table at the ticket control. This way it can’t fall or get damaged otherwise.

Does the ticket price include the rent of a folding-chair?

The rent of a folding-chair is not included in the ticket price. Each year we have a special promotion with the Stoeltjescollectief: at several shops, bars and restaurants in Rotterdam you can get a sticker to rent a folding-chair. Find more information here. Without a sticker, you pay just €1 for renting a seat. You can also bring your own bench, chair, seat or whatever makes you sit comfortably.

I lost my e-tickets, where can I find them again?

When you bought your ticket online, you can log in on this page to download your ticket again.

Can I bring my dog to Pleinbioscoop?

Dogs are allowed to bring to the film (and cats too!) but have to be kept on a leash at all times. Please mind your fellow visitors, by taking a seat with your dog on the outer edges of the public spaces.

Am I allowed to smoke during the screening?

To make sure everyone at Pleinbioscoop can enjoy the film, it is not allowed to smoke in the public spaces. We advise visitors that like to smoke during the screening to take place on the terraces in the back and on the sides of the festival site.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the Pleinbioscoop?

Sure you can. We do have several bars on the festival site that are opened all night. Also, we sell fresh popcorn, candies, fresh ‘stroopwafels’ and much more.
When bringing some food or drinks yourself, make sure it’s not wrapped in glass.
We are obliged to check this, so security might check your bags. If you do have any glassware with you, you can deposit it for free at our bottle wardrobe.
At the bar, we pour all drinks in hard plastic, on which we charge a deposit. You can return your cup afterwards and get your deposit back. Fun fact: we have been working with this system since 2010. This is how we keep Museumpark clean together!

Can I advertise on your big screen?

Sure! Send us an email to info@pleinbioscooprotterdam.nl for more information.

How to get there?

The adress of Pleinbioscoop is: Museumpark 32, 3015 CX Rotterdam.

Pleinbioscoop is just a 10-minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station.
It is a 3-minute walk from metro station Eendrachtsplein and tram- and bus station Eendrachtsplein (tramline 4 & 7, Citybus 32) and Museumpark (tramline 7). Click here for Museumpark in Google Maps.

Where can I park my car?

You can park right under Pleinbioscoop in Parkeergarage Museumpark. This is way cheaper then parking on the streets. You can also book an online reservation to recieve extra discount.

Is Pleinbioscoop accessible for visitors with a physical disability?

The Pleinbioscoop is wheelchair accessible and there is a disabled toilet available.