Looking to visit the Pleinbioscoop?

We’ve tried to list everything you need to know in the FAQ below. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

When do we show films?

Every night between August 10 and August 28 2016.

What films will we be showing?

Check our programme page for all movie trailers and the text below for English descriptions.

Language information

In the listing for every film we include the language in which the film is spoken. Check the programme. Subtitles are usually in Dutch, but there are exceptions.


You can buy your tickets online, via iDeal or by creditcard. We also sell tickets at the box office in the Museumpark. The Pleinbioscoop is almost never sold out (since it’s so big), so it’s not really necessary to book in advance. However, with an e-ticket you do not have to stand in line for the box office.

A regular ticket costs 5,- euros. We accept cash and debit cards (Maestro), no credit cards. Tickets purchased online may be presented on a recent smart phone with high brightness setting.

Where do I sit?

At the Pleinbioscoop you rent (cost: 1,- euro per chair) or bring a chair. You can place it anywhere you want on the terrain. There are always enough chairs available for rent.

At what time do I have to be there?

The programme (including short film and intros) will start around 9.15 pm. This differs a bit per night, depending on the time of sunset. The Pleinbioscoop opens at 8 pm.

Where is the Pleinbioscoop?

Pleinbioscoop is in the Museumpark, which is about a 10 minute walk from the Central Station. You can also take Tram lines 4 (stop: Eendrachtsplein) and 7 (stop: Museumpark), citybus 32 (stop: Eendrachtsplein) or Metro (subway) lines A, B or C (stop: Eendrachtsplein). Find the Museumpark on Google Maps here. 

There is a large parking garage directly below the Pleinbioscoop, check this page for more info and rates. 



Wednesday August 10: De Pedaalridder (Audio Dutch, Subtitles English)

Documentary about the tragic life of Rotterdam’s cycling hero Willem Koopman, aka the ‘Pedaalridder’.

Thursday August 11: Room (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

The less you know about the story of Room, the better. Trust that the film will be thrilling, moving and exceptional.

Friday August 12: Spotlight (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

This year’s big Oscar winner (best film, best scenario) is about a group of Boston journalists trying to expose an abuse scandal within the Catholic Church.

Saturday August 13: Blues Brothers (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

Jake and Elwood’s timeless ‘Mission from God’ features many cameos by musical greats such as Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles and Cab Calloway.

Sunday August 14: Ciudad Delirio (Audio Spanish, Subtitles English)

This summer flick full of music and dance was a monster hit in Colombia. Javier, a doctor from Madrid becomes completely enamoured with salsa and dancer Angie.

Monday August 15: Our Little Sister (Audio Japanese, Subtitles Dutch)

In this subtle family drama by the Japanese master Kore-eda, three sisters discover they have a half sister and lovingly welcome her into the family.

Tuesday August 16: Deadpool (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

A superhero movie that doesn’t take its own genre too seriously. Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is crude, rude and cynical, but also kind of romantic.

Wednesday August 17: Hail, Caesar (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

An ode to the old Hollywood in true Coen Brothers style. A star studded comedy set in movie paradise.

Thursday August 18: Casablanca (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

Even if you’ve heard it a hundred times before, hearing Humphrey Bogart say “here’s looking at you, kid” to Ingrid Bergman is always a pleasure.

Friday August 19: Bridge of Spies (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

Small time lawyer Tom Hanks gets involved in some complicated Cold War espionage. Stylish and riveting Spielberg thriller.

Saturday August 20: Belgica (Audio Flemish, Subtitles Dutch)

Two brothers run a popular night café in Gent and get involved with some serious rock ’n roll. Exquisite soundtrack by Belgian super band Soulwax.

Sunday August 21: The Idol (Audio Arab, Subtitles Dutch)

Palestinian Mohammed Asaf won the talentshow Arab Idol in 2013, bringing hope to a divided region. This film narrates his heart warming journey.

Monday August 22: Le Tout Nouveau Testament (Audio French, Subtitles Dutch)

In this touching and highly original storyline, God is a cranky bully living in an apartment in Brussels. His ten year old daughter decides to lend mankind a hand.

Tuesday August 23: Love & Friendship (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

A costume drama, but without the stiff corsets and vague dialogue. Love and Friendship, based on a Jane Austin novella, is refreshingly funny and sharp.

Wednesday August 24: Elle (Audio French, Subtitles Dutch)

The latest Paul Verhoeven got a standing ovation in Cannes. Isabelle Huppert is sensational as a business woman who has a very unusual reaction to being brutally raped.

Thursday August 25: Straight Outta Compton (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

This drama is a musical portrait of rappers Eazy E, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre during the rise and fall of their super group N.W.A. The film’s portrayal of 90’s America doesn’t sugar coat, exposing some uncomfortable, blatant racism along the way.

Friday August 26: Aliens (Audio Eglish, no subtitles)

James Cameron directed this masterful sequel tot the original deep-space horror by Ridley Scott. This director’s cut includes 18 minutes of never before scenes. “This time, it’s war…”

Saturday August 27: Spectre (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

Explosions, car chases, conspiracies, femmes fatales and a stylish Daniel Craig. Every ingredient for a good Bond movie.

Sunday August 28: The Lobster (Audio English, Subtitles Dutch)

In this absurdist comedic drama you either have to find a life partner, or be turned into an animal of your choice. Colin Farrell does everything he can to make sure he won’t spend the rest of his days as a lobster.