Tickets for films screening at Pleinbioscoop are sold online or at the box office on the festival site.

Online ticketsales

When you buy your tickets online, they are meant to be used on the specific day you selected. So you can not visit another film on another date with your online ticket. When you’ve purchased an online ticket of the ten-ride pass, you can swap it for a hardcopy stamp card. This stamp card can be used ten times from the 7th until the 25th of August 2019.

With an e-ticket, you don’t have to stay in line at the box office at the festival site. Use your e-ticket to enter the festival via the fast lane. You can buy e-tickets until the start of the film.

Ticketsales at the boxoffice

The tickets at the box office on the festival site are without a date. You can use those tickets on each day you’d like to visit Pleinbioscoop. It’s possible to pay with card at the box office.

Ticketsales at Velvet

At recordstore Velvet Rotterdam (Oude Binnenweg 121A) you can also get your tickets for Pleinbioscoop.

Rates Pleinbioscoop 2019

  • Regular: €6 (including transaction costs)
  • Support-Pleinbioscoop-rate (when you want to show us some extra love): €8
  • Discount rate for employees Erasmus MC and Oogziekenhuis (by showing your pass): €5
  • Ten-ride pass: €40. Swap you e-ticket for the ten-ride pass for a hardcopy version the first time you visit the festival. To be used with a maximum of two persons per night.

Note: above information does not apply on screenings at other locations, except for the regular programming at Museumpark.

Frequently asked questions:


When will the full programme be announced and when does the ticket sales start?

The programme will be announced on the 17th of July. Also, at the 17th the ticket sales start. Keep an eye on our social media and website to stay updated.

At what time the Pleinbioscoop is opened?

The doors are opened at 20h. You can drop by for a drink or a bite, or to find the perfect spot for watching the film. We provide live music and a side programme before the main film starts.

What time starts the film programme?

The start of the film differs per day. This has to do with the time the sun goes down and we can start screening. Check the programmepage of each film for current times. Our tip: be on time, to avoid queues.

Does the film at Pleinbioscoop continues when it rains?

We always screen films, also when it rains. We only cancel when we are dealing with a dangerous situation because of heavy weather. If this is the case, we announce the cancellation as soon as possible on our social media channels and website.

Are my tickets refundable when the wheater is bad?

When Pleinbioscoop is not being cancelled, Pleinbioscoop doesn’t give refunds. When the film is cancelled because of heavy weather, everyone who bought an online ticket will automatically receive an email with a form to refund your ticket For further questions, please send email to