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This year, things will be a bit different at Pleinbioscoop. In short:

  • Only online tickets, no door sales
  • Tickets include a seat, which has been placed for you
  • All movies are watched with headphones
  • Be kind to each other and keep a distance of 1.5m
  • Stay home with fever and/or cold complaints
  • Gates opens at 8.30 pm. Be on time, you don’t want to stand in line
  • Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed

About the ticket sales

Tickets for Pleinbioscoop meets LantarenVenster

It is, of course, great that we are allowed to watch film during this corona crisis! But this means that some things are slightly different from what you are used to at Pleinbioscoop. For example, Pleinbioscoop meets LantarenVenster is only accessible with valid tickets that you have purchased online in advance.

Rates Pleinbioscoop meets LantarenVenster 2020

The price of a movie ticket is slightly higher than you are used to from us. That’s because your price includes a seat, use of headphones and service charges.

  • Movie ticket on the Pleinbioscoop field (‘veld’)
    Here, the chairs are 1.5m apart. You cannot bring your own drinks and food. If you pre-order your refreshments together with your tickets, they will be ready for you at the start of the event. This way, we avoid queues at the bar and contact with the crew.
  • Movie ticket on the terrace of Hotel New York
    The Hotel New York terras is filled with tables-for-two. You will be served on this terrace and you can sit next to someone from the same household. Food and drinks are provided by Hotel New York. One ticket covers entrance fee for 2 persons and includes €15 to spend on food& beverages.

Prices movie tickets (incl. Seat, headphone and service costs).

  • Regular ticket € 11
  • Support the Pleinbioscoop ticket € 14
  • Cineville discount € 8
  • Hotel New York ticket includes entrance for 2 persons and €15 worth of drinks & food

How do I get a discount with my Cineville pass?

If you have a Cineville pass, you can buy a movie ticket with a discount. We ask you to show your Cineville pass in addition to your e-ticket upon arrival at Pleinbioscoop.

Can I scan my ticket from my smartphone?

Yes, you can! Set the brightness of your smartphone to the highest setting for this. Hold your smartphone firmly while scanning.

I have lost my e-tickets, how do I find them?

If you have purchased tickets online, you can log in to this page to download your tickets again.

What should I do, if I cannot go to the Pleinbioscoop and would like to come another night?

Send us a message at least five days before the day of the relevant film via the contact form below, so that we can redeem your ticket.

Other questions

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

You may not bring your own food and drinks this year. You can order snacks and drinks directly with your tickets. Then your refreshments are ready when you arrive at the site. That’s a nice start of your evening, it saves lines at the bar and you have fewer contact moments with our crew, which is safer. It is possible to order more snacks and drinks during the film, you can only pay by PIN (preferably wireless)

Do I have to bring a chair or can I rent a chair?

During this special edition of the Pleinbioscoop, your ticket includes a seat. The chairs are ready for you on the site with a distance of 1.5m between them. All you have to do is settle down at your favorite spot. Do you want to make it extra comfortable (and warm)? Then bring your own blanket and pillow!

Can we sit together if we are one household?

We do not know whether you’re a household, or not. That is why the same house rule applies to everyone during the Pleinbioscoop: all keep 1.5 meters apart. It is therefore not allowed to move chairs. Because we organize this event during the corona crisis, we are bound by several extra rules and measures so that it is safest for everyone. If you want to snuggle with someone from within your household, you can book tickets for a seat on the Hotel New York terrace, where you can share one table. You can find those tickets in the webshop as well.

Are there toilets available?

Before you go to the Pleinbioscoop, go to the toilet. But in case you have to go to the toilet during the movie, we have a few toilets on site.

Do we need headphones?

At Pleinbioscoop meets LantarenVenster, we watch the movies with wireless headphones. You will receive one at the entrance and return it afterwards at the exit. We will clean these headphones thoroughly.

What time is the Pleinbioscoop meets LantarenVenster open?

The doors of the Pleinbioscoop open at 8.30 pm. For everyone’s safety, we want to avoid as many queues as possible at the entrance. That is why we ask you to arrive on time, so you can immediately choose the most perfect seat. The film program starts between 21.30 and 21.45, view the exact starting time of your film in the program.

Will the Pleinbioscoop continue when it rains?

We always screen films, also when it rains. We only cancel when we are dealing with a dangerous situation because of heavy weather. If this is the case, we announce the cancellation as soon as possible on our social media channels and website. Also, we’ll send you an e-mail which might end up in your spam folder, so please check that folder as well before going to Pleinbioscoop!

When it rains, there will be no service at the Hotel New York terrace. In that case, you can get your drinks and snacks at the Pleinbioscoop bar and spend your €15 credits there as well.

Are my tickets refundable when the weather is bad?

When Pleinbioscoop is not being cancelled, Pleinbioscoop doesn’t give refunds. When the film is cancelled because of heavy weather, everyone who bought an online ticket will automatically receive an email with a form to refund your ticket. For further questions, please send an email to

What is the route?

Pleinbioscoop meets LantarenVenster takes place at the head of the Wilhelminapier, behind Hotel New York. The entrance to the Pleinbioscoop grounds is next to Hotel New York. The site is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport, and car. From metro stop Wilhelminaplein it is about a 10-minute walk. Plan your route at

Where can I park?

There is a lot of parking space on the Wilhelminapier in the parking lot in front of Hotel New York or one of the many parking garages. Pay attention! There is paid parking everywhere.

Can dogs also enjoy the movie?

Dogs are allowed to go to the movies (cats too), but must always be kept on a leash. Take other visitors into account, for example by sitting with your dog at the edge of the field.

Can I smoke during the movie?

To make sure everyone at Pleinbioscoop can enjoy the film, it is not allowed to smoke in crowded spaces. We advise visitors that like to smoke during the screening to take place on the terraces in the back and on the sides of the festival site.

How accessible is the Pleinbioscoop for visitors with a physical disability?

The Pleinbioscoop is fully wheelchair accessible and there is a disabled toilet. We also offer a program especially for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Can I work as a volunteer at Pleinbioscoop?

How nice that you want to help us! Send an email to and our volunteer coordinators will contact you. Can I advertise on your screen?

Which can. Send an email to for more information.